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Bitching about ZERO voters

2008-05-11 02:41:01 by JaredW

Is it just me or has ZERO voting just got so much worse on NGs?

Don't get me wrong, the quality of songs that have been uploaded as of late are dropping, so i can understand low marks, but for instance my latest song 'Hitlers Fall' have already nine votes, sitting at 2-point-something but only with one freakin review!!

:EDIT: I understand people just saw the word Hitler and freaked. My bad people. sorry.
But to reinforce what I was saying, I had just hit the submit button on a new song I had uploaded and had time to vote on my own song (5/5 to get that boost going as you do =p) and some bastard had already voted 0!! They couldn't possibly have even heard the first 10 seconds!!!!

I think NGs should upgrade the voting system so that if one feels the need to vote, they must explain why they gave that score.

I'm all about reviews, the only way to better your work is by feedback.

What do you think?!


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2008-06-30 12:29:59

I couldnt agree with you more, or better yet, they could have it like the flash voting system, get blams, saves and that sort of thing so people wouldnt just vote zero all the time, they would try to get the saves/blam thing and vote it reasonably.
And probably more people would check out the audio portal.


2008-07-07 03:59:35

To be honest man, the problem with the 0 voting without listening. is people are so anxious and desperate to get their song on the best track ever or top5 of the week, that they need to 0 bomb everyone else to try and insure that they get it. :( it's sad really.